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Weight Loss Tips: Guide to Battle Rope Workout

Weight Loss Tips: Guide to Battle Rope Workout

Linda Li |

battle rope workout products

Breathe - Believe - Battle.

This mantra can help you mentally get you through the most challenging of days, and battle rope exercises will give you the physical strength and grit to conquer whatever crosses your path.



Battle ropes are the perfect addition to any home gym or they can be your entire home gym! Just order, take them out of the box, attach to something sturdy, and get to work. Within a few seconds you will notice the intense full body workout and the fierce warrior-like feeling that is taking over your body! One of our goals at Zelus is to provide fun, exciting, and affordable high-quality workout equipment for your home. From talking with our customers, battle ropes are a must-have for cardio, endurance, and strength training at home.
● “The rope grips and the rope itself have held up very well and I'm extremely pleased with the purchase” Fred Smith.
 "Needed something to increase his heart rate as well as give him a challenging workout, to add to his workout routine. He really likes these battle ropes, they are perfect for our at home solution during this time where his gym is still closed." S.A.
● “Good substitute total body workout with gyms closed” Troy Chestnut.
● “I have never enjoyed a fitness product this much!” Camelback Carl.



Ok, now that you know they are an excellent purchase, what are the battle rope benefits for your whole body you ask? Let’s rope in the science:
● HIIT your goals: A battle rope workout is a fantastic way to add HIIT (high-intensity interval training) into your workout. Use the ropes for 30 seconds, rest for 15, and repeat. Compared to continuous-state workouts, HIIT has been proven to help you burn more calories than running and build muscle faster, as well as lower blood pressure and better control blood sugars.
● Strengthen your most important muscle—your brain: The alternative wave motion challenges your entire brain to work together, thus making you smarter in the process! Battle ropes also build up your mental toughness that will translate in all areas of fitness and life.
● Get to know your body in a new way: With a rope in each hand, you will notice how each side handles the challenge. Does one side feel imbalance, weaker, or awkward with unilateral movement? Over time, you will notice positive changes in your balance, strength, and body awareness.
● Full body workout: Pretty much every single muscle in your body will be stimulated when doing battle rope exercises. Your legs and core work hard to stabilize your body and your arms, back, shoulders, glutes, core, and quads have to go into beast mode to ensure the heavy ropes do wave up, down, and all around.



How will you use your battle ropes? Squats, jumps, dancing to Bruno? Will you add a weighted vest to truly be as efficient as possible in building strength, losing weight, and increasing endurance? Zelus warrior, we want to hear your battle plan—drop a comment on our Instagram.
Author Bio: Jenny Woudenberg is a yoga teacher, mom, surf therapist, that friend who always loves doing something active, children’s book author, at home fitness innovator, and a human-focused marketer. Jump into Jenny's world: ​JennyWoudenberg.com