February 26, 2021


One thing that is not canceled - your child’s energy and need for creative, physical activity. Even if your child isn’t destined for the Olympics, gymnastics is a great way to develop their coordination, flexibility, balance, strength, and confidence. It also is just fun to swing around a bar, balance on a beam, and flip around on a mat! They get their energy out, you get a break, and perhaps after your kids are in bed you may unleash your inner child and play on the equipment! 


Gymnastics Equipment for Kids

Let’s leap over to our gymnastics equipment for kids department and see why parents are rating our kids gymnastics bar, balance beam, and inflatable mat at a perfect 10.0! 


Ayush B: “My parents bought this for my youngest as a birthday present at my suggestion. I’m so glad they did...It folds up easy, doesn’t slide on our floors, and can be carried by my 4 year old.” 

Leo: “The balance beam is neither too soft nor too hard with good quality material.” 

Peggy H: “I am very pleased with the high quality of the gymnastic bar. Easy to assemble and my daughter can adjust it for her practice needs…” 

Sweng: “We have even had people 195 lbs flipping on the bar. Excellent and Trustworthy.” 


Gymnastics Bar for Home

Our strategically created gymnastics bar for home is made of heavy-duty stainless steel beams for stability, the height is easily adjustable as your kid grows (or if you want to play on it!), and the beechwood cross-beam provides a strong grip and prevents blisters. For little ballerinas, gymnasts, or just kids who want to play around and build up their strength - this is the perfect product. Other family members can also use it for home Barre classes, bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, strength training, and wherever else your creativity leads. 


Balance Beam for Kids

Looking for a little more balance for your family? We offer two great solutions! Our foldable 8 - 9.5 ft balance beam for kids comes in pink, violet, and blue and at only 11 lbs your youngest will be able to set up and easily fold away. It is perfect for your living room, backyard, or even on a weekend getaway. For people of all ages, balance is key to preventing injuries, excelling at all sports, and encourages self esteem by accomplishing new moves on 4 inches! When your little is ready to take it up a few notches - literally - we have just what you need to level up. Our 8ft adjustable balance beam goes up to 19 inches so as their confidence increases, so can the height. It also can hold up to 420 lbs, so parent and child can both be on the beam together creating fun, athletic memories while creating healthy habits for the whole family!


Inflatable Air Mat and Tumble Track

And now for the big landing...The 10ft inflatable air mat and tumble track! Nailed it - the crowd goes willlddd! The versatile, adjustable pressure mat offers endless possibilities. A safe place for your baby to sit up and fall over, a floating yoga and pilates mat for your pool, a tumble mat for your inspiring gymnast, or a safe mat for your local cheer squad to practice new stunts. Whatever you can dream up, this mat is a safe, fun, and functional option. 

It’s time to swing, jump, and flip your family’s way to building up their confidence, flexibility, strength, coordination, and fun family time! That sounds like a 10.0 day to us!

Author Bio: Jenny Woudenberg is a yoga teacher, mom, surf therapist, that friend who always loves doing something active, children’s book author, at home fitness innovator, and a human-focused marketer. Jump into Jenny's world: ​JennyWoudenberg.com