440LB Power Tower Multifunctional Pull Up Dip Station with Sit Up Bench


PS: This power tower arrives in 2 Boxes which may ship separately and arrive a day or two apart

Space-Saving Power Tower Zelus

The ZELUS Space-Saving Power Tower for convenient home workouts

This sleek, all in one pull up bar is a rugged, highly-functional tool that will take your upper body game to the next level. The various grips allow you to target your abs, triceps, upper back, chest, traps, shoulders, and more. The compact design and fold-up workout bench save room in small spaces. Order today, knowing that your purchase is guaranteed by a two-year warranty on the structural frame and a one year warranty for the other parts and components (i.e. cushion) and friendly 24/7 customer service.

  • Space-Saving Power Tower Space-Saving Design
    Space-Saving DesignThe detachable sit-up plate folds up for space-saving convenience. Plus, it has multiple decline angles for variable sit-up difficulty.
  • Space-Saving Power Tower Heavy-duty base
    Heavy-duty base2'' widened tubes made of sturdy steel provide 441 lb. capacity and better stability; 4 anti-slide feet keep this pull-up bar in place without wobbling.
  • Space-Saving Power Tower Safe & Stable
    Safe & StableNon-slip feet add stability while protecting hard floors from scratches. Widened tubes and U-shaped buckles keep this pull-up bar well-balanced.
  • Space-Saving Power Tower Elbow Cushions
    Elbow CushionsElbow cushions made of soft foam can withstand years of wear and tear without sacrificing resilience. Foam-wrapped handle grips are reinforced with triangle supports for added stability.
  • Space-Saving Power Tower Cushioned Sit-Up Bench
    Cushioned Sit-Up BenchThe sit-up bench with sweat-free cushion maximizes comfort and minimizes sweat, even in summer. The soft cushioning conforms to your spinal curve to alleviate lower back stress.
  • Space-Saving Power Tower Adjustable Top Bar
    Adjustable Top BarEasily adjust the top bar height by twisting the built-in knob. Foam handles with wide and narrow grip options provide comfort for pull-ups and chin-ups.