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A weighted vest is an incredible piece of equipment to own, no matter what level you are in your workout journey. Wearing a weighted vest is an effective way to quickly and efficiently increase body resistance, speed up the rate of calorie burning, and achieve enhanced cardiovascular activity. However, many people are held back from using weighted vests because they might not be properly informed on which vest size and weight would suit them. 

The process of choosing a weighted vest may not be as straightforward as one may think, and the wrong weighted vest could pose safety problems to you and others during your workout. However, the good news is that anyone would find it quite simple to buy a good weighted vest if they know what factors to consider and what features to look out for. This blog will guide you through essential factors to consider when purchasing a weighted vest. Read on to ensure that you make the right decision in order to take your fitness journey to the next level.


The first step in the process of choosing the right weighted vest is to consider your own body weight. All weighted vests are “weighted” for a reason: they come in different weights and sizes. According to expert advice, the ideal weighted vest is one that weighs within 4-10% of your own body weight. This means if you weigh about 180 lbs. like the average adult male in the United States, you could be looking at a weighted vest anywhere between 7.2 lbs. to 18 lbs.


For beginners, it is advisable to start with a weighted vest at the lower end of your recommended weight range, slowly increasing the weight as you get stronger and more familiar with the equipment over time. This is the most healthy, safe, and efficient way to ease yourself into weighted vest training and incorporate this amazing equipment into your long-term routine.


It is strongly advised to select a weighted vest that fits comfortably and securely on your body frame and does not inhibit your movement. To ensure comfort and security, choose weighted vests with adjustable straps and comfort padding made of breathable materials. 


This will minimize discomfort as you move around and change positions during your workout.

Another tip is to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed around the torso. This prevents injury or discomfort and disrupts the effect of your workout. 


Purchasing decisions for a weighted vest must also consider what you want to use the vest for. Different vests are designed in different ways and suitable for different purposes. Your workout process may include running, walking, CrossFit, and strength training. In that case, you might need a weighted vest for running or one for walking. It is advisable that you choose a style that matches your workout.


Shoulder Holster vests, for example, incorporate a holster design to distribute the weight across the shoulders. Since they allow for more freedom of movement, a shoulder holster weighted vest would be more suitable for dynamic exercises such as plyometrics or agility drills. 

Tactical plate vests are designed for the increased weight and limited mobility associated with tactical situations in the military. This makes them more suitable for exercises such as squats and lunges, which involve holding and lifting weights in one position rather than moving about.

So, for your workout, choose the weighted vest that provides the required mobility. This will help you meet your goals accordingly. 

Also, it would be beneficial to consider a weighted vest with unique features such as compartments, pockets, and attachment points for another workout. Attaching some other equipment can enhance effectiveness, helping increase the variety of workouts and produce more comprehensive results.


Weighted vests made from solid, durable material are less likely to depreciate with regular use or break under the added pressure of weight challenges. A weighted vest made from weak and breakable material is a serious threat to safety during workouts.


The following materials make for solid weighted vests: 

  1. nylon 
  2. polyester
  3. leather 

Whichever one of the three you choose, do not neglect to make sure that the stitching is reinforced and all closures are secure. This makes the vest more reliable for weight retention as you move about and exercise


Working out is primarily about health and fitness, but safety is equally paramount. A single injury can reverse the effects of years of workout and fitness training. For this reason, safety must be a primary factor to consider when picking the right weighted vest. Fortunately, several manufacturers consider safety considerations when designing weighted vests.


 Some brands incorporate reflective material for increased visibility or quick-release mechanisms in case of risky situations. Another safety strategy is to choose a vest that appropriately distributes the weight across all areas of the body. Consider if you have any medical conditions and/or physical limitations that may impact your choice of vest.

  1. BRAND

Though often overlooked, product brand is probably the most important factor when purchasing a weighted vest. Some brands have been on the market for a long time and therefore have accumulated knowledge and experience in the production, sales, and use of weighted vests. It is a good sign when a weighted vest brand has won and maintained the trust of many clients over the years. Such brands are often the same to provide amazing high-quality products for a good price and also excellent customer service to customers.

Look especially for a solid warranty policy that can afford you more peace of mind as you enjoy your weighted vests.


With the advantages of a weighted vest being so compelling, you may be wondering where you could get one. The answer is Zelus. Zelus’ weighted vests are made of durable nylon material in an adjustable design that provides comfort and a perfect fit for a number of body types. All Zelus products are known for their superior quality and durability. The vests are made of durable nylon material.


 Zelus also prioritizes a good pricing system, providing valuable products at a reasonable, affordable price. Delivery is quick and reliable, and Zelus customers do not hesitate to share how brilliant the customer service is. At Zelus, you are guaranteed to find the perfect weighted vest to elevate your workout.