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Best Value Pulley System for Home Gym -- Zelus DIY Cable Machine Set

cable crossover machine for strength training, crossover pulley system for home gym equipment

Javin Sun |

cable machine for home gym, pulley system for strength training

If you are considering building a versatile home gym without investing a lot of money in professional equipment, then a cable machine is on your to-buy list for sure! In this blog, we will introduce you to a few benefits of a pulley system for home gym, hope you can find the reason to purchase one!

cable machine set, crossover pulley system

1. Safer Than Free Weights

Avoid touching the weights directly makes it easier for us to avoid injuries caused by free weights during intense workouts. Safety is always our first concern no matter what we are doing or where we are. According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, over 90% of injuries that happen in the gym are caused by free weights. That’s also why people who train with heavyweights are encouraged to train with a spotter around. 

The special design of cable machines allows us to train our muscles by pulling the cable that loads weight plates, this feature significantly improves the safety score of working out with weights. 

The celebrity physical trainer and fitness coach Scott Laidler says: “By the time you find out a barbell is too heavy for you, it's too late.” Training with a cable machine, even if we were overwhelmed and let go of the weights, the worst thing that would happen is to make a big metal dropping noise, other than getting injured ourselves. Thus, if you usually train alone with heavyweights, a cable machine is the safer equipment for you!

strength training cable machine crossover set

2. Provides Constant Tension

Different than free weights, cable machines provide constant tension to your muscles in every direction, continual pressure to your muscle will boost your training result in a great way. When using free weights to train, our muscles get bigger tension when we are lifting it because we are lifting against gravity, but when we are doing some circular liftings, the tension that free weights can offer to our muscles is not the same in all angles.

Thus, due to this feature, a cable machine allows you to exercise more effectively and fatigue your muscles quicker. If you don’t have a lot of time to put on exercising, a cable machine can be your time-saver.

all-in-one strength training home gym equipment

3. All-in-One Strength Training Equipment

A cable machine can be used for a variety of workouts that aim at different muscle groups. Sometimes we just don’t have enough space to place our gym equipment, but we still need to do multiple kinds of exercises to get fit. The versatility of cable machines can be a perfect solution for this problem. There are many exercises we can do with a cable machine:

  • Biceps Curl
  • Triceps Pushdown
  • Cable Chest Press
  • Romanian Deadlift
  • Cable Crossover
  • Abdominal Cable Crunches

These are just some examples, the highly flexible design of cable machines helps you fulfill various exercises and hit the spots that other equipment may miss. With a cable machine, you don’t have to move around and find equipment to train different parts of your body, the all-in-one equipment is here to help!

 crossfit lifing strength training home gym workouts

4. Improves Core Strength

As many of the cable workouts require people to remain in a standing position, our core muscles are activated during the exercise. Different from many seated gym equipments, most of the cable exercises need to be done in a standing pose, standing while exercising forces our body to recruit more core muscles to keep our balance while training specific muscle groups. 

The feature of the unstable cable design also puts high demands on the muscles that stabilize our joints, so these muscles would also get mild training even when we are not exercising them specifically.

cable machine for strength training, home gym equipment

The 4 points we mentioned above are just a small part of cable machines’ benefits, there are also a lot of good reasons to convince you to get one yourself such as easy to install, beginner-friendly, low cost, etc.

If you are already wanting a cable machine set but don’t know where to get the economical and high-quality ones, you can check here to get a start!