Full Body Bundle

Are you the type of person that likes to burn the maximum amount of calories? This bundle is geared toward those who are looking for an all-in-one workout, targeting the arms, core, and lower body. Are you up for the challenge?


"Great vest! Gives my workouts just the perfect push! But if your doing things like burpees, froggies, anything like that. Wear the vest upside down. It will hold on your body better and won’t flip around."


"I've been beating these battle ropes out for the last two weeks. So far they have set up to the pounding very well. This is my second battle rope and I've ordered from Amazon. These are far superior 2 the first set that I ordered. And the first set that I ordered cost $60 more than these did. The handles on these and the coating on the ropes same far superior and look like they will last much longer because of better quality build."