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5 Weighted Vest Workouts to Help Build Muscle

5 Weighted Vest Workouts to Help Build Muscle

Linda Li |


The legendary ​weighted running vest​ ​is how legends are made. Wear it while chasing your wild toddler around the house - BOOM - epic workout. No gym or babysitter required. Wear a weighted running vest ​on your next walk, hike, or dare we say run -- you on your way to becoming the ancient Greek supernatural power, Zelus. Which is also the same name of your favorite at-home gym supplier. Alright legendary gladiator, it is time to start prepping for your next Colosseum fight. Bring it! Because “what you do in life...echoes in eternity” -- or how you feel in the very near future.


5 Weighted Vest Workouts to Help You Build Muscle

1. If you are just getting started with working out - or perhaps you spent too much time on your couch last year - get started by going on a walk with it on. Since you literally are carrying extra weight,​ ​a​ weighted vest benefits ​your cardio capacity, muscular endurance, and overall strength. It also is an effective way to burn calories in a realistic approach to exercise. Gladiators aren’t made in a day. We all have to start somewhere - the goal is to just be #StrongerThanYesterday.


2. Let’s crank up the heat a bit and get those legs and bum muscles burning. Start with a warm up walk or jog for 5 minutes, and then start this circuit:
  • Lateral lunge + lateral kick if you want extra credit = 10 reps/side. Lunge to the side and then give a big kick in the air!
  • Jump Squat = 10 reps. Squat and then explosively jump on your way up.
  • Take a few deep breaths, feel your power, and then unleash hell on the jump lunges!
  • Jump lunges = 10 reps/side. Lunging, but jumping as you switch sides.
  • (Of course start with whatever number you can. Do 2 reps per side and then next week go for 3 reps. All you need to do is start and then keep improving!)


3. Now, let’s plank it up and push the limits of your core and upper body! (If you are just starting your workout here - start with 5 minutes of cardio to get warmed up.)
  • Plank Tap = 5 reps on each side. Start in a high plank, palms flat on the ground and shoulders directly over your wrist. Then tap your right palm to your heart and then your left.
  • Side Plank = 20 seconds on each side. Right palm flat on the ground, left arm reaching to the ceiling, and feet stacked on top of each other. Then switch. And then switch and switch again!


4. It’s ab time - let’s get to the core of it all. Get back into the plank position, and then walk your arms forward until your stomach is just a few inches (or as close as you can) to the ground. Reverse! Take a breather and then go again. And again.


5. Simply add a ​weighted vest workout ​to any workout routine you normally do -
running, body weight exercises, hiking, doing chores around the house, biking!



Crank up your favorite pump-up playlist, slide your phone into the protected integrated phone pocket, and get going on building muscle and burning calories. These 5 ​weighted vest workout​ ideas will no doubt help you build inner and outer strength. But don’t feel like you are weighted down by just these exercises. The sky and the ​weighted vest benefits​ have no limits! Go wild and discover how much muscle you can actually build! Crank up your favorite pump-up playlist, slide your phone into the protected integrated phone pocket, and get going on building muscle and burning calories!
Author Bio: Jenny Woudenberg is a yoga teacher, mom, surf therapist, that friend who always loves doing something active, children’s book author, at home fitness innovator, and a human-focused marketer. Jump into Jenny's world: ​JennyWoudenberg.com