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For a long time, studies have shown that low rates of physical activity and high obesity in the United States and all around the world are due to time constraints and the demands of work life. Then COVID struck, people found themselves stuck at home, and some interesting changes took place. 54% of Americans bought home gym equipment in 2021, and now, the market for gym equipment is expected to grow at about 5% annually between now and 2030. Indeed, if exercising was more convenient, a lot of people would rush to get healthier, and COVID made everyone realize that a home gym is actually quite an efficient option to achieve quick results.

As more people jump onto the train, deciding to get a proper workout at home rather than going to the gym, the important question has become: “What machines do I need to start exercising at home?” This blog will introduce four ideal workout machines you should be rushing to get in order to start  effectively working out at home.


Perhaps the most interesting fact about vibration plates is that they are not, in and of themselves, workout equipment but rather facilitators and enhancers for many workout exercises. Most exercises can be conducted without the use of a vibration plate; however, using a vibration plate increases the efficiency of workout exercises, leading to quicker results. 

The vibration plate consists of a solid interior that generates intense vibrations that are transmitted throughout the body for increased muscle activation. The platform of a vibration plate allows users to sit, stand, or lie down, doing different exercises such as lunges, squats, planks, and calf raises. They bring different parts of their body in contact with the plate and transmit direct vibrations to impact the bones and muscles in different poses for improved effects.

 Improved Strength and Toning of muscles: Using a vibration plate for exercises is an effective way to achieve muscle growth and toning. The impact of the vibrations produced by the vibration plate is transmitted into the muscles, causing them to constrict and relax repeatedly. Under such intensity, muscle activity increases, and the muscles grow stronger and more toned. 

Balance and Coordination: Using a vibration plate for exercises increases body balance by improving the capacity and performance of the proprioceptive system. Because of the vibrations it produces, the vibration plate introduces an element of instability to workout exercises, meaning the user has to put in additional effort to maintain balance and stability while working out.

 For body balance and coordination, the body has to call upon the proprioceptive system: the proprioceptive system links the nervous system with the sensors in skin, joints, and muscles in a continuous feedback loop, transmitting signals and allowing the brain to sense and respond the weight, effort, and force of movements and position.

Working out on a vibration plate therefore exercises the proprioceptive system, increasing the body’s ability to balance, stabilize, and coordinate. Good body coordination means reduced rates of injury and increased ease and effectiveness of other activities, including sports and overall body movement. 

Bone Density: Using a vibration plate for exercises has been shown to stimulate bone activity and increase bone density. Bones are known to be firm and strong, and as a consequence, many people fall into the trap of overlooking the risks of bone injuries and minimizing the probability of bone injuries and diseases. However, bones can be highly susceptible to injury and other diseases such as osteoporosis: a condition where a person’s bones become fragile and weak.

A person’s bone density is a measure of the amount of minerals in their bones, such as calcium. Bones with more minerals are denser and less likely to break or suffer injury and infection. Therefore, a person’s bone density is an accurate indication of how large the risk of breaking a bone or developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis. The mechanical stress from the vibration plate increases bone activity, thus stimulating growth and naturally boosting the density of the bones.

The above are only a few of an endless list of vibration plate benefits. Getting a good vibration plate is a ticket to bigger and better-toned muscles, increased body balance, and strong bones. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get one. Zelus Fitness offers an impressive collection of vibration plates that meet the needs of its thousands of customers, from full-body exercises to more dynamic workouts. 


Admittedly, finding an ab machine on a list of items to purchase for a home gym may, at first, be a little unusual. For most people who are not athletes or actors, the objective is to stay healthy and maintain a good body shape, so developing a full six-pack may be further down the list of priorities.

However, getting an ab machine is not just about vainly pursuing a six-pack: it is about targeting the muscles in the core of the body, which are important for health and activity. An ab machine specifically targets and strengthens the abdominal muscles, which are responsible for body stability.

Posture: An ab machine helps target the muscles around the spine, helping you stand straight with shoulders apart. Phycologists confirm that a good posture is generally interpreted as a sign of confidence and competency, which are attractive and desirable qualities.

Power: With a strong core muscle, a person has more power to transfer to their arms and limbs, enabling them to lift heavier weights, jump, and carry out other activities with ease.

Back Problems: According to a CBS survey in 2019, about 28% of adults in the United States reported having chronic low back pain or static pain. The impact generated by the ab machine reaches the back muscles, stabilizing the musculoskeletal system, relieving pressure on the spine, and reducing the risk of back pain.

An ab machine is crucial for health and activity, both now and in the future.


Though most people simply enjoy biking because it is fun and adventurous, biking is actually an incredibly beneficial and potent form of exercise. In addition to building lower body strength and flexibility, biking strengthens the muscles, improves blood circulation, and lowers resting pulse rates.

For people who may not have the time or space to bike around, an exercise bike is an ideal option as it stimulates the effect of biking in an indoor setting.

Low Impact Exercise: Exercising on an exercise bike is gentler on the joints, making it ideal for people who already suffer from joint pains or mobility problems. The low impact also means the user can exercise on an exercise bike for longer without suffering any of the associated pains of riding a bicycle. Low-impact exercise is generally good for ligaments and tendons around joints.

Versatility: The exercise bike can be adjusted for speed, intensity, and strength according to the user's goal. The ab machine is also versatile, as it can be installed at home or the office to allow the user a quick chance to work out whenever they are free. In order to minimize space, it is advisable to get a folding exercise bike that can be stored and transported with ease.

Zelus also offers a variety of exercise bikes for cardio, heavy-duty exercises, and much more.



It is hard to come up with a more ideal piece of exercise equipment for a home gym than balance balls. First, they are inexpensive relative to other gym equipment, taking up little space but still incredibly useful in general fitness and performance training. There is almost no exercise that cannot be performed with a balance ball: from general exercises to rehabilitation, they are used in a variety of scenarios to improve body balance and stability.

The instability of the balance ball compels the body to automatically balance itself, activating the core muscles and leading to better posture, spine and back health, and overall muscle balance.

Perhaps the most impressive and useful thing about balance balls is that they can be used for a variety of exercises that are actually necessary for daily life situations, such as walking, running, and lifting objects. Using a balance ball leads to great core strength, balance, and good body posture.

Any of the above equipment would be ideal to start with. The most important thing to remember is that, though the right equipment is a great way to start, exercising is all about determination and consistency. With the gym now close to home, it is easier to build that determination and maintain consistency.

Several customers of Zelus Fitness are on a similar journey, and they benefit greatly from Zelus’ high-quality equipment and workout tips and news all accessible from here.