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7 Reasons of why you should be doing Yoga

7 Reasons of why you should be doing Yoga

Javin Sun |

reasons of doing yoga
1. Helps Reduce Chronic Pain

Some people suffer from long-term chronic pain caused by different diseases, it’s not an easy thing to maintain a good mood with this condition.

Yoga can help manage chronic pain to some degree although the medical treatment for consistent pains caused by different diseases may be varied.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) has suggested that Yoga is one of the effective methods that can help manage chronic pain. (NCCIH) An NIH study shows patients who suffer from chronic pain find themselves feeling better after taking 3 months of weekly yoga classes. (NIH, 2017)

A set of Yoga exercises won’t cause too much time, so why not give it a try?

reduce heart diseases

2. Helps lower risk of heart disease

According to the American Heart Association News, “Heart attacks are becoming more common in younger people, especially women” (AHAN, 2018). Thus, even young people today need to pay more attention to preventing heart diseases.

A study has found that “Compared to non-exercise controls, yoga showed significant improvement for body mass index, systolic blood pressure, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol” (Chu, et al., 2014). In other words, people who keep practicing Yoga weekly for more than 3 months have less risk of getting a heart attack than those who don’t do regular exercises.

Thus, Yoga is a worth-trying exercise for people who want to take better care of their body health.

home workouts yage exercises to sooth your skin

3. Helps Sooth Your Skin

Skin is the first place where our body chooses to tell us about our nutrient deficiency and stress. Sometimes our mood will affect our skin condition, for instance, when we feel depressed and anxious for a long time, our skin will appear with problems like acne, eczema, and some other signs.

Calming you down while you’re practicing it, and stretching your muscles, helps your body detox, Yoga can help you reduce skin problems and soothe your skin.

So instead of investing in a variety of skincare products, why not try this free exercise?

yoga exercises for better sleep

4. Helps You Sleep Better

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine (n.d.), “a consistent bedtime yoga routine can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall asleep and stay asleep.”

There’s no need to mention how many benefits can be provided by a good sleep. It helps keep us more energetic during the daytime, and in return, our organs will likely to present a better performance.

yoga training at home

 5. Helps Your Body Detoxify

A study has shown that doing Yoga consistently has the same positive effect on your body compared with doing other sports (like brisk walking) consistently. By fulfilling these physical exercises, the motility and mobility of your muscles and organs will be improved effectively, so your organs will be able to help your body detox better.

So don’t see Yoga as a torturing workout, see it as a good detoxing process that you can help your body to fulfill anytime.

yoga exercises for good body shape

6. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown

By doing the proper Yoga exercises, you will need to take your joints through their full range of motion slowly and gently, these actions can help prevent degenerative arthritis or mitigate a disability. This could make a strong reason why we should be doing Yoga.

yoga training home workout for meditation

 7. Boosts Body Immunity

During the process of doing Yoga, you are increasing the drainage of the lymph, which will help the lymphatic system to fight infection, dispose of the toxic waste of cellular, and destroy cancerous cells. In other words, practicing yoga can improve your body immunity, so you will become less likely to get sick than regular people who don’t do sports regularly.

Yoga is an exercise that you can do without requiring too much equipment, or large space, or much prior experience, just a yoga mat, a balance ball, and follow your Yoga instructor, then you’re good to go!



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