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Vibration Plate Exercise Machine, Fitness Equipment for Home Gym, Red



To most, fitness and weight loss are always torturing and tiresome. Change that negative mindset and enjoy the fun and effortless gains provided by Zelus's vibration plate!

Our whole-body vibration machine helps you lose weight while improving muscle tone and flexibility thanks to its high-frequency, low-amplitude oscillation, working your core and supporting muscles and stimulating circulation. Equipped with 99 speed levels and 10 exercise modes, this body shaker helps you find the right vibration and massage intensity for you. The duration and settings are clearly shown on the LCD screen for easy monitoring, and the remote control allows easy adjustment as you sit, stand, or exercise. Burn some extra calories in any activity you try while toning your muscles and alleviating excess cellulite. Incorporating this vibrating exercise equipment into standard home workouts can help your body process fat up to 30 times faster than simply running or jogging. With the included workout bands, you can explore different routines and stretches, alleviating muscle strain and working your core. This well-designed piece of home and gym fitness equipment works for both men and women, young and old.

Easily fitting into your gym bag, this Zelus fitness machine is a fun improvement to your exercise routine anywhere you want go at just the speed you're comfortable with. Step on and get started! There's no need to be the fastest or strongest, but with Zelus you can always be stronger than yesterday!



  • WELCOMING TO ALL: Whether young or old, male or female, unfit or hyperfit, Zelus's vibration plate has a way to improve your workouts and give you a little bit more energy and results as you aim to stay fit and slim. Find exactly the right intensity for your body with 10 exercise modes and 99 speed levels!
  • SAFE & DEPENDABLE: This ergonomic body shaker supports up to 265 pounds. Powerful suction pads and built-in protection against static build up and unstable current keeps it going strong through all your fitness routines.
  • EASY TO USE: Effortlessly strengthen supporting muscles and reduce weight as the vibration improves circulation and adds variety to your exercise. The digital display lets you easily monitor your current settings and exercise duration, while the remote control allows quick adjustments sitting or standing.
  • FREE RESISTANCE BANDS: Two workout bands come included to provide more variety and helpful low-impact resistance for whole-body muscle building and toning.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Sleek and ultra-thin, this exercise machine adds charm to any home decor and just as easily fits into gym bags for use in your backyard, local park, nearby beach, or wherever else strikes your fancy.
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To most, fitness and weight loss are always torturing and tiresome. Change that negative mindset and enjoy the fun and effortless gains provided by Zelus's vibration plate!

  • weight loss equipment
    Easy to OperateThe digital display shows your speed, time, and caloric expenditure.
    The remote controls vibrational speed and adjusts mode settings.
  • workout equipment
    Resistance Bands IncludedEnhance your workout with adjustable resistance bands that attach securely to the steel base of the plate and offer low-impact exercise for your entire body.
  • Vibration Plate Exercise Machine
    Package List1 × Vibration Plate
    2 × Detachable Resistance Bands
    1 × Remote Control
    1 × Power Cord
    1 × Manual
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