Portable Dancing Pole 45mm, Fitness Exercise Spinning & Static Dance Pole


Pole dance is a new form of fitness and mainstream entertainment. You can take this fully removable, height-adjustable, and easy assembling 45mm stainless steel dance pole to pole dancing classes or practice at home! This Zelus Professional dancing pole is identical to the same ones that are used by thousands of professional dancers on stages or in studios. The high-grade steel is finished in chrome, making it super easy to grip and spin. With this pole, you’ll learn to dance and exercise in a new and exciting way while building up strength in all parts of your body, especially your arms, legs, and thighs.

home exercise fitness dance pole


Package Includes

1. Pole A. Length: 40.2"/1020mm
2. Pole B. Length: 38.4"/975mm w/ adjusting stick
3. Upper dome. Height: 3.1"/80mm
4. Bottom Base. Height: 3.3"/85mm
5. Pole 250. Length: 9.8"/250mm
6. Sleeve, including the locking ring which has been fixed by 2 Phillips head screws
7. Pole 125. Length: 4.9"/125mm
8. Open-end wrench
9. Hex key
10. 2x metal sticks
11. Adjusting ring
12. CD


home workout dance pole 

Pole Height Adjustable

This dance pole is highly adjustable in length to accommodate different ceiling height. With different combinations of the provided upper base, bottom base, pole A, pole B, pole 125 and pole 250, you can achieve height from 46.5 in. to 106.5 in

Minimum assembled height: 46.5’’/1180mm (upper dome + bottom base + pole B + adjusting stick)
Maximum assembled height: 106.5’’/2705mm (upper dome + bottom base + pole A + pole B + pole 125 + pole 250 + adjusting stick) 


fitness dance pole stainless steel

Installation Steps

1.Install pole 125 to the base, then install extension 250 (always fit the smallest extension first at the bottom of the poll), take the adjuster cover, cover it on the extension.
2.Screw main pole A on the extension or base. Tighten it firmly by hand.
3.Take main pole B out, slide the adjuster and upper dome into pole B.
4.Climb up and install pole B to pole A.
5. If you find there is still distances between dome and ceiling, please unscrew the adjuster until it is firmly against the ceiling.
6. Slide the adjuster, tighten it with 2 hidden screws
Please make sure that all the poles are securely tightened and connected with one another, otherwise potential injuries might occur. 


  • home fitness equipment dance for women
    Adjust the 2 screws to switch between spinning mode and still mode.
  • weight loss dance pole
    The handlebar can vary in height from 34–38 inches to provide a customized grip and more efficient workout.
  • dance pole with silicone rings
    Silicone rings on the top and bottom offer super anti-skid performance and protect both ceilings and floors from scratching.

Note: after installation is complete, to disable the spinning mode, simply use the hex key to tighten the 2 screws hidden at the bottom; to activate the spinning mode, simply loosen the screws (but please do not remove the screws) until the screws are not in the way to keep the pole from spinning. One-year warranty; order today, knowing that your purchase is guaranteed by Zelus' one-year warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service.